The origin of “escape games” is believed to have started in the text of John Wilson’s 1988 book Behind Closed Doors but the game was initially popularized in Japan as a video game. Since it’s start, it has been transformed and re-imagined into real-life game simulations reinterpreted in cities across the world. The inspiration came from a visit to Budapest where co-founder, Joe Deasy decided to test their skills in a tourist attraction unlike anything else. Excited by the unique, interactive and mentally engaging type of team building activity, Joe decided to apply his creativity, game knowledge, and entrepreneurship experience to take on the Pittsburgh version of this steadily expanding interactive and educational game concept.

Featuring FOUR unique games, Carnegie’s Millions, Tomb Explorer, Subway Escape, and Diamond Heist. Teams will be tested to use their surroundings, cleverness, and problem solving skills to escape the room by hunting for clues, gadgets, and ultimately, the key to unlock your room!